Chapter une:

  Aragorn and Arwen were still on horse back comin’ up to Frodo's house. They arrived there and knocked on the door. Frodo answered.
"Why, hello!" Frodo said.
"Hello Frodo." Aragorn said.
"Pleasant surprise!" Frodo began as Sam walked up. "Sam! Strider's here! And Arwen too!"
"Wow! Very pleasant surprise! Rosie, come here!"Sam said
Rosie walked up and said "yes honey?"
"Hun, this is Strider and his wife Arwen." Sam said.
"Hello! Nice to meet you!" said Rosie
"Nice to meet you to!" Arwen said.
"Yep! Very nice to meet you!" Aragorn said.
"Well come on in! Arwen has come with me. I gotta show you the latest hobbit fashions! They almost look like what your wearing!" Rosie said.
"Oh wow! Ok!" Arwen answered as Rosie led her down the hallway.
Aragorn started to laugh.
"Women . . . " Sam. mumbled.
"Well come on in! You want a pint?" asked Frodo
"Sure!" Aragorn said.
"I’ll be right back. I'm gonna go get Merry and Pippin." Sam said.
"All right. They'll be happy to see you, Aragorn!" Frodo said.
"Funny." Aragorn replied.
Frodo led Aragorn to a spot next to the fireplace and they sat down.
"So how’s life down in Gondor?" asked Frodo
"It's going good. It's all peaceful. No action" Aragorn replied.
"Darn. Well, no action can be a good thing huh?" said Frodo
"Yea I guess. So how’s your life here?" asked Aragorn
"It's very good. Sam and Rosie are living with me here. It's very peaceful here. No problems" Frodo answered.
"That’s good!" Aragorn said. Just then Merry and Pippin showed up.
"Hullo Strider!" Pippin said.
"Hello Merry and Pippin!" Aragorn said.
Sam, Merry and Pippin joined Aragorn and Frodo by the fireplace.
"So how’s life you three?" asked Aragorn
"It's excellent!" Merry said.
"Yep same here!" Pippin exclaimed
"Goin’ good! I got a wife. I’m really happy" Sam said. "And how about you?"
"Life's treating me well. No action over in Gondor at all . . . Gets kinda boring. But I guess it can be a good thing. Or else I wouldn’t get to visit you four!" Aragorn said.
"True true" Sam said.
Just then Sam's daughter Eleanor came over.
"Daddy. Who’s that man?" asked Eleanor
Aragorn laughed.
"Eleanor, This is Aragorn. He’s the king of Gondor. Aragorn this is my daughter Eleanor" Sam answered.
"Nice to meet you, miss," Aragorn said as he gave her a little hug and a kiss.
Eleanor blushed a little. "Nice to meet you too, sir," Eleanor said.
"You don’t have to call me sir" Aragorn said.
"Ok" Eleanor answered.
"Eleanor, your mother's with Aragorn's wife, Arwen. Why don’t you go over and say hello" said Sam.
"Ok daddy" Eleanor answered as she walked away to go find her mother and Arwen.
"She’s adorable" Aragorn said.
"Thanks." Sam said. "You want a smoke?" asked Sam.
"No thanks. I'm good." Aragorn answered.
"So . . . I've been hearing some things from Gondor. Like the "no more drinkin’" law," said Sam.
"Yea . . . It won’t happen, don’t worry." Aragorn answered "I won’t pass it."
"Good. Cause you know how much that'll hurt the economy over here? And if it passes the no smokin’ of pipe weed will pass to and the shire will be broke" Frodo said.
"Don’t worry I won’t let it happen." Aragorn said.
"That’s good. Cause that will totally destroy the Shire" Pippin said.
Everyone looked at Pippin. He's ever said anything smart.
"What . . . I’m concerned for my home land." Pippin said.
"Ok then . . . Sam said.
"You don’t have to worry that law will never be passed" Said Aragorn
"Good. We don’t need prohibition over here. We need our ale and our pipeweed!" Sam said.
"Yea!" Frodo yelled.
"Well, no worries! As long as I'm in rule nothin’ will happen!" Aragorn said.
"Good" Pippin said.
"Men! I made some lunch. Would you like some?" asked Rosie.
"Food!" yelled Pippin.
Aragorn laughed.
"Ha remember that time you four stopped for a second breakfast?" asked Aragorn.
"How can one forget?" said Sam.
"Yea apples in the head hurt" laughed Pippin.
"Haha" said Frodo.
The five of them went into the kitchen and sat down. Rosie and Arwen served everyone. It was a good merry meal. Everyone enjoyed it. They finished with a glass of ale and went outside for a smoke.
"Ah good stuff here" said Aragorn
"Oh yea . . . lets hope we have this forever" Sam said
"Yep . . . I love it" Pippin said.
They sat there and smoked for a couple hours until they all got tired and went inside to sleep. Aragorn woke up first the next morning and went for a walk outside. The sky was a beautiful blue and the grass a merry green. Arwen woke up next and went outside and followed Aragorn.
"Good morning dear" Arwen said.
"Oh, good morning, love. Did you sleep well?" asked Aragorn
"Yes very well. I love the shire it's very pretty. I wish we could live here" Arwen said.
"You know we have to live in Gondor. Cause of the kingdom. But some day we’ll take a long vacation here." Aragorn said.
"Oh I would love that!" Arwen said.
"I know you would" Aragorn said.
They walked back to Bag End and Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin were in the kitchen Rosie was serving them breakfast. Aragorn and Arwen sat down. Rosie gave them some eggs and nice crispy bacon and some tomato's to.
"Mmm . . . Very good Rosie!" Aragorn said.
"Why thank you. Arwen and I were trading recipes and she gave me the recipe for these eggs" Rosie said.
"She did, did she? Well honey, I hope you have some good hobbit recipes from Rosie" Aragorn said.
"Of course I did." Arwen said.
"Yes these eggs are wonderful!" Frodo said
Merry and Pippin nodded their heads in agreement. Their mouths were stuffed with food.
"Very good!" Sam said.
They finished their meal and Aragorn stood up.
"We'll we're sorry about the quick visit but we better get back to Gondor" Aragorn said.
"Ok . . . We'll visit you sometime!" Sam said.
"Yes we'll visit!" Frodo agreed
"I hope to see you again, Rosie!" Said Arwen
"Me too," Rosie answered
Aragorn and Arwen got on their horses and rode off back toward Gondor.
"Man those hobbits are awesome." Arwen said.
"Yep . . . good friends of mine. It’s so good to see them again." Aragorn said.
They rode for hours across the plain. Just Aragorn and Arwen. It started to pour so they stopped off in Bree at the Inn of the prancing Pony. Butterbur was still the innkeeper.
"May I help you two?" he asked.
"We'd like a room. Anything you got. We got trapped in the rain." Aragorn answered.
"Well . . . The only rooms left are the hobbit-sized rooms. Is that ok?" asked Butterbur.
"Very much so. we just want to get some sleep" Aragorn answered
"Ok thank you. Room 103. just down the corner here. Mr. Erm . . . " said Butterbur
"Mr. Glasko." Aragorn answered
"Ok. Have a good night!" Mr. Butterbur said.
Aragorn and Arwen with the key walked to room 103. Arwen laid down on the bed.
"This is very comfy!" Arwen said.
"Yea you'd be surprised. Hobbit beds are awesome" Aragorn said, "I'm gonna go out into the bar you know see if I can get information from Gondor. You gonna join me?"
"No I'm gonna get some sleep." Arwen answered
"Ok night dear." Aragorn said as he walked out the door and into the bar area. He ordered a pint and sat down. He started drinking it when some guy came up to him.
"'Cuse me, sir, but where you come from?" asked the man.
"I come from Gondor. I was headin’ back there but we got caught up in the rain and I decided to stop here" Aragorn answered.
"Gondor eh? Then you know all that’s going on there right?" asked the man
"Not really. I haven’t got news from there in a while. I was spending time travelin’ with my wife." Aragorn answered.
"Oh then you don’t know information from Gondor then, eh?" asked the man
"Nope sorry I don’t." Aragorn answered.
"Darn . . . no one here does. That’s why I was hoping you did" The man said.
"Oh ok." Aragorn said.
The man left. Aragorn finished his pint and went into their room.
"Find any information?" asked Arwen
"Nope . . . nothin's happened then which is good." Aragorn answered
"That’s good." Arwen said.
Aragorn got into bed and slept softly with Arwen next to him. He woke up next morning Arwen was still sleeping. He got dressed. The rain had stopped. Arwen woke up and she got dressed to. They packed up and paid Mr. Butterbur. They continued their journey toward Gondor. They were a mile away from Rivendell.
"Honey, we’re not gonna stop there are we?" asked Arwen "I just wanna get home"
"Ok." Aragorn answered
They rode past Rivendell, and past Lothlorien. They rode all the way to Gondor. It was the middle of the night. And it was poring. Arwen was just glad to be home. Aragorn and Arwen knocked on the door that leads to the kingdom.
"Hello what do you want?" asked the door man.
"Mike, it's us Aragorn and Arwen. Can you open the door?" Aragorn answered
"Sorry, can’t," Mike said.
"What?" Aragorn yelled
"On Garrison’s orders. He made it so that he's the total ruler. Until he dies. Not even you, Aragorn, can get your kingdom back," Mike said.
"Oh no . . . that! Ugh! I can’t believe this! I trusted him! I trusted him!" Yelled Aragorn. He was very angry!
"Who knows what he's gonna do . . . " Aragorn said.
"I hope nothing stupid" Arwen said.
"Oh no . . . I know what he's gonna do." Aragorn said.
"Oh no . . . you can’t be serious?" asked Arwen
"Welcome prohibition . . . " Aragorn said.

Chapter Deux.

  "Prohibition? He wouldn’t!" Arwen yelled.
  "Oh yes he would . . . Mike can we at least get inside Minas Tirith?" asked Aragorn.
  "Yes you may." Mike answered as he opened the door and let them inside. Inside it looked so different! There were no more bars! And cops were around everywhere. He outlawed beer. Aragorn walked up to one of the cops.
  "Excuse me Sir but what’s goin’ on here now?" asked Aragorn.
  "The king made himself total ruler. No one can take over his spot until he dies and then his son will rule. He outlawed ale and pipeweed. And we have to enforce it." The cop answered.
  "Oh my word . . . I was afraid this was gonna happen," Aragorn said.
  "What do you mean sir?" asked the cop.
  "I was afraid this was gonna happen . . . I should never have taken that trip to the Shire." Aragorn said.
  "King Elessar!" The cop said. "It's you! We tried to stop him but everything we did was useless. Although we are startin’ up a little group down in the basement of the library: We’re controlling the beer and pipeweed sales. Go there. You might get some more answers." The cop said.
  "Ok thank you." Aragorn said.
Aragorn and Arwen walked down the streets. They were both very hungry so they went into a restaurant and sat down.
  "What may I get you two?" asked the lady.
  "Just some smoke meat please." Aragorn said.
  "And you miss?" the lady asked.
  "The same for me to" Arwen answered.
  The lady left them.
  "Honey. What’s going on here?" asked Arwen.
  "He did what I thought he was gonna do. I need to get my crown back. I'm going to go to the library tonight. You shouldn’t come with me. I don’t know what I’ll have to do. I think you should travel to Lothlorien. For safety sake," Aragorn answered.
  "No, I'm not gonna leave you!" Arwen said.
  "Honey . . . this is gonna get dangerous!" Aragorn said.
  "And I'll help you!" Arwen said.
  "No, it’s way too dangerous." Aragorn said.
  "Please?" asked Arwen.
  "No." Aragorn answered.
  Just then the lady returned with the food and left them. Aragorn and Arwen ate.
  "Honey please?" asked Arwen again.
  "No." Aragorn answered more firmly. "I don’t want you to get hurt. After I come back from the library tonight I'll tell you everything. Go to the Inn here. Get a room and stay there. I'll come back afterward. Don’t use your real name. Use Lily."
  "Ok . . . I’ll be waiting for you. Whatever happens. Honey what’s gonna happen?" asked Arwen.
  "I have no idea" Aragorn answered.
  "You'll get your crown back. And we'll fix everything here. Will this law effect everywhere?" asked Arwen.
  "Knowing him, it will. I feel bad for the Shire. They’re gonna be broke," Aragorn answered.
  "Oh man . . . this so isn’t good." Arwen said.
  "No kiddin’," Aragorn said as the lady walked over with the check. Aragorn paid it and they walked over to the Inn.
  "May I help you two?" asked the Innkeeper.
  "Yes we'd like a room please" Aragorn said.
  "And what name will it be under?" The innkeeper asked.
  "Lily," Arwen answered.
  "Ok, room 113," the innkeeper said as he handed Arwen the key. They walked to the room. They were in front of the door.
  "Honey. Stay here. I’ll be back soon whatever you do, don’t tell people who you really are. And don’t open the door to anyone except me. I’ll call you by your name not by lily. Cause the Innkeeper will tell the people your name is Lily," Aragorn said.
  "Yes honey." Arwen said.
  Arwen walked into the room. There were a bed and a closet. She sat down on the bed and fell asleep. Aragorn walked out of the Inn toward the library. He walked inside and went into the basement. He opened the door there was another door straight ahead but there was a guy in front of it.
  "Can I help you, sir?" asked the man.
  "Someone told me to come here." Aragorn said.
  "Yea and what’s your name?" asked the man.
  "Aragorn" Aragorn answered.
  "King Elessar! We were wondering when you were gonna come back! Come on in!" The man said. He led him into a room where some other people were. They were happy to see Aragorn.
  "King Elessar!" one of the men said.
  "I'm not king any more call me Aragorn" Aragorn said.
  "My name is Ken, this is Josh, that’s Joe, and over there is Mike, Cris, and the doorman you met was Kevin" Ken said. "Later on Uan will be coming over. He’s the new king’s most trusted adviser. And he gives us secret information."
  "Ok. When did this all happen?" asked Aragorn.
  "The day you left. It was horrible. They stopped all the beer and pipeweed distribution. We still run the beer and pipeweed trade. The only person who doesn’t know about us is the King. The king has the power but he doesn’t know about us. ‘Cause he's dumb. We’re gonna get your crown back, if it’s the last thing we do! This isn’t right at all! And trade and prices are starting to affect the shire. Aragorn you need your crown," Ken said.
  "I'll do what ever it takes to get my crown back," Aragorn said.
  "Ok then your going to have to bump him off" Josh began saying.
  "What?" asked Aragorn
  "Yea, it’s the only way." Mike answered.
  "Ok then, I'll do it" Aragorn said.
  "But before you can bump him off your going to have to go through a lot of people, and not going through them friendly either." Criss said.
  Just then Uan walked into the room.
  "Uan! Glad you made it! What news?" asked Ken.
  "He's bumping off everyone who's involved with the beer and pipeweed sales. And also people who even have a beer or smoke some pipeweed" Uan said.
  "Great . . . I'll kill him that . . . That . . . grr . . . " Aragorn yelled.
  "King Elessar! Glad you’re here! My name is Uan. We’re going to get your crown back," Uan said.
  "Thank you, Uan. How is he doing this? I mean how was he able to pass these laws?" asked Aragorn.
  "He has every official on a leash. He’s threatening to have a torpedo come and take them for long rides." Uan.
  "Ah all right. This ain’t Jake that’s for sure" Aragorn said.
  "You’re gonna have to bump off a lot of them. He’s got them so riled up that it'll be impossible to just kill Garrison. They are all on his side." Uan said.
  "All right," Aragorn said.
  Just then there was a knock at the door.
  "Kevin! Go see who that is! I thought your job was to stand at the door!" Ken yelled.
  Kevin walked over to the door and opened it.
  "Can I help you, sir?" asked Kevin.
  The man pulled out a gun and blew him down. He then went into where they were and started blowing some lead. Criss, Ken, Uan, Josh and joe fired back. They killed the man.
  "What are those things you shot him with?" asked Aragorn. He had never seen a gun before. This was new to him.
  "While you were gone. He made these as well. Great weapons. Everyone has them now. Better than the bow and sword. Here" Uan said as he tossed Aragorn a gun.
  "Better protect your self. Now that you’re a torpedo and gonna bump off a lot of people" Uan said.
  "Thanks" Aragorn replied. "Erm, what are you going to do with Kevin’s and that guy’s body?"
  "We’ll worry about that. Ok your gonna have to blow off his advisers first" Said Uan, "here’s some info on them."
  He handed Aragorn some papers. He read through them.
  "Thank you" Aragorn replied.
  "Bop em any way you see fit. When you got the advisers gone, come back here. We’ll tell you what to do next" Ken said.
  "Ok," Aragorn said.
  "It’s getting into daylight. You better go. Bye," Uan said.
  "'K bye," Aragorn replied as he left the basement and walked to the Inn he knocked on the door and said "Honey, it’s me. Arwen open up." Arwen wouldn’t answer.
  "Arwen! It’s me, Aragorn. Open the dang door!" Aragorn yelled.
  Still no answer so he busted open the door and then he saw Arwen . . . She wasn’t moving and there was blood everywhere. He ran over to her. He held her in his arms.
  "Arwen . . . nooo . . . " Aragorn cried. She was gone. There was a note next to the bed. Aragorn read it. It said " Aragorn, you’re not gonna stop me. I am ruler. You're gonna die just like your wife did. Nothin you can do will stop me. You're done for."
  Aragorn held arwen in his arms and cried. He had to get his revenge for what happened to Arwen. He had to get his crown back. He just had to. He picked up Arwen and put her on the chair he opened up the covers on the bed and layed her body under the covers. He covered her up and walked out the door. He couldn’t stay there now. They would go back to the Inn lookin' for him there. He left the Inn. It was 7:00 a.m. just the day before he was having a good time in the shire with his wife and the hobbits. And now 24 hours later his wife was dead. His crown, gone, and he's a hit man. If his future self was to come back and tell him what was going to happen he wouldn’t believe it in a million years. He walked to the library, it was the only place he knew to go to. He walked down to the library. There was Criss as guard.
  "Hi Aragorn, what brings you back here?" asked Criss.
  "I need to see Ken." Aragorn answered.
  "Ok, follow me" Criss said as he led him to the room. Ken was talking with Uan when he noticed Aragorn.
  "Hello Aragorn what brings you here?" asked Ken.
  "Ken . . . they . . . killed . . . my . . . wife . . . " Aragorn answered.

Chapter Trois:

  Garrison sat quietly in his thrown room waiting for his torpedo to come back with his bidding done. He started to wonder why he sent him to kill Aragorn's wife. Now he knew that Aragorn was going to come after him. And the torpedo he hired to kill his wife wasn’t a good one. I mean he was good enough to kill his wife but not good enough to kill Aragorn. The Aragorn. Just then the torpedo came in.
  "Well did you do it?" asked Garrison
  "Yes I did. Now I want my money!" answered the Torpedo
  Garrisons threw The Torpedo a bag of coins. "You happy, you bloody murderer? Now get outta my place now!" yelled Garrison.
  "Whatever, King," The Torpedo said as he walked off.
  "Actually. Stop right there. You’re not leaving this place. Not with that money too," said Garrison.
  "Whatever, King. What are you gonna do to me?" said The Torpedo
  "You’re all wet. Guards! Get ‘em!" yelled Garrison.
  The guards attacked The Torpedo and handcuffed him. They brought him right up to the king.
  "What you gonna bump me off?" asked The Torpedo
  "Yes, actually," Garrison answered as he pulled out his gun and shot him in the head.
  "Good riddance" Garrison said. He ordered the guards to take the body somewhere. He then ordered them to get the most experienced Torpedo in front of him. He wanted him to kill Aragorn. The guards returned with Jadin, The best Torpedo in all the land.
  "Jadin my friend" Garsion said.
  "Hello King" Jadin answered. Jadin was a ruthless Torpedo. He even killed his children and wife for 75,000 dollars. He would kill anyone for the right amount of money.
  "I want you to kill Aragorn for me" Garsion said.
  "Yes, sire. You know my rate," Jadin answered.
  "I know. You'll get half now and half when you've killed him and brought his head to me got it?" asked Garsion.
  "You know the rules. I'm the killer I make the rules. I want all of it now. You know I’m a man of my word" Jadin answered.
  "Fine. But you better do it! When he’s dead, I want proof!" yelled the king.
  "Yes, sire," Jadin said as he walked outside. He knew it would be difficult to kill Aragorn. He is a tough one. But he would do it. He always did.

  Aragorn started to cry after he told Ken what happened.
  "Oh dear lord." Ken said, he was very shocked.
  "He killed her. He killed her," was all Aragorn could manage to say.
  "Aragorn . . . I can’t believe he did this . . . " Ken said.
  Aragorn was still in shock.
  "Aragorn. Sit down. You’re in shock. Just sit down and calm down" Ken said.
  Aragorn sat down. He was still bawling. He couldn’t believe she was gone, never to return.
  "Listen, we'll get that mic if it’s the last thing we do. He'll pay for what he did to your wife" Ken said.
  "Yes he will! I'm gonna kill him myself!" yelled Aragorn.
  "Don’t yell so loud!" Cris said.
  "Sorry . . . " Aragorn said quietly.
  "Its ok but your going to have to go bump off a few of his men first. Before you go kill him" Cris said.
  "Ok . . . " Aragorn answered.
  "You know everything you need to know to nab these guys?" asked Ken.
  "Yes I do," answered Aragorn.
  "Ok. First, you’re going to have to wait for nightfall. There's gonna be people after you. So I would say hidden until nightfall for your own safety," Ken told him.
  "Ok. Where should I stay?" asked Aragorn.
  "Here, in the library. It won’t matter if you here in the basement or upstairs looking at books. None of his men come to the library. They all don’t know how to read . . . " Ken began to answer him as Uan came running into the room. He was out of breath.
  "Uan! What brings you here?" asked Ken
  "Aragorn . . . watch . . . out . . . He . . . hired . . . Jadin . . . to . . . get . . . rid . . . of . . . you. I ran here as . . . fast as I . . . could" Uan answered in between breaths.
  "Uh Oh . . . Aragorn this makes it harder. If He hired Jadin to kill you . . . You really need to watch out. You know who Jadin is right?" Ken asked Aragorn
  "Nope. Can’t say that I have," Aragorn answered.
  "Jadin is the most ruthless torpedo there ever is. He's pure evil and he even killed his family for money. If he’s after you then you’re done for. So if I were you I would watch your back more. Or else you might be 6ft under before you get your crown back" Ken explained.
  "Great . . . that’s all I need. Him after me to" Aragorn said.
  "Don’t worry we'll get some people to get him. You worry about getting Garrison's men. We'll worry about killing Jadin. Now there’s a section on fighting and stuff upstairs with some good books in it. Go up there but be careful. Watch out. Jadin might come in here. He probably won’t but he could" Ken said.
  "Ok I'll be careful" Aragorn answered as he walked up the stairs and into the library. He looked through all the books and picked out a few and sat down on the couch and read them. A lady walked up to him.
  "'Cuse me, sir. Would you like something to drink?" asked the lady.
  "Sure, a beer would be good" Aragorn answered.
  The lady started to laugh then she said, "Sir, very funny. You have a good sense of humour. All we got is tea, and water."
  "Ok then some water please. Miss what’s your name?" asked Aragorn
  "My name is Wendy. What’s yours?" Wendy answered.
  Thinking fast Aragorn answered "Mac."
  "Nice name," Wendy said.
  "Thank you. You have a very pretty name yourself," Aragorn said.
  "I'll be right back with your water Mac," Wendy said.
  "Ok thank you," Aragorn answered.
  Wendy walked off and another lady approached him.
  "Hi my name is Crystal. I'm Wendy’s best friend. And She was telling me earlier you look like King Elessar. Well are you him? Or just a look-alike?" asked Crystal
  Aragorn laughed and said "No, I am not him. I've gotten that a lot. People asking me if I am him. Which I am not."
  "And another thing, Mac: Wendy likes you" Crystal said.
  "Why would she like a guy like me?" asked Aragorn.
  "She thinks you’re handsome. And your one of the first men to come in this library and actually read something so she thinks you must be very smart," Crystal said.
  "Oh . . . ok. Thanks for telling me Crystal" Aragorn said.
  "Bye, Mac," Crystal said as she waved and walked off. A couple minutes later Wendy walked back over to him and handed him the water.
  "How much I owe you?" asked Aragorn
  "Nothing. Food and drink here are free. The new king gives us plenty of money to the library. No offence to King Elessar but he never paid attention to the library system. We used to have to charge people money for food and drink here. And we hardly had money to get new books," Wendy said.
  Aragorn started to sink in his chair. It was true. He never really paid attention to the libraries. This is the first time he’d ever been inside of one. He started to feel bad.
  "Oh. Hey whatever happened to King Elessar?" asked Aragorn.
  "No one knows really. Some people say they’ve seen him here and there. But they all know he’s never going to be king again" Wendy answered.
  "Ah ok," Aragorn answered.
  "So where you from?" asked Wendy."You don’t look like a local and you sure don’t act like one too."
  "I'm from Rohan" Aragorn answered thinking fast.
  "Rohan? What brings you all the way from there to here?" asked Wendy.
  "Just visiting," Aragorn answered.
  "Ah ok. What you think of this place?" asked Wendy.
  "It’s pretty nice. I guess. Although I do miss my home a lot" Aragorn answered.
  "When you going home?" asked Wendy.
  "In a couple weeks" Aragorn answered.
  "Ah ok. Well sorry but I gotta go ask some other people if they need anything. While I'm up you want something to eat?" asked Wendy.
  "Sure seed cake if you got any." Answered Aragorn
  "Yep we do. I'll be back after I ask other people here if they'd like anything" Wendy said.
  "Ok thank you" Aragorn said as Wendy walked off.
  Aragorn could now read in peace without those girls pestering him. He tried to read but all he could think about was his wife. He wondered where she was now. He got back to reading the book. It was a little while later when Wendy returned
  "Here is your seedcake Mac" Wendy said as she handed it to him. He took a bite it was very good. "This is very good . . . "
  "Thank you. I made it myself" Wendy said.
  "Mm . . . it’s very good! You’re a good cook!" Aragorn said.
  Wendy blushed. No one ever complemented her on her cooking before. Aragorn laughed when he saw her cheeks become a rosy red.
  "Sorry Mac. But I gotta go. My shift’s over. I'm going to go out for dinner then head home you got a place to stay tonight?" Asked Wendy
  "Yes I do actually" Aragorn answered.
  "Oh ok . . . Well will you be here tomorrow?" asked Wendy.
  "Probably." Aragorn answered.
  "Ok I'll see you here tomorrow then!" Wendy said as she left the library.
  "Bye," Aragorn said.

  It was 19hundred hours and Aragorn went down into the basement.
  "You read good?" asked Ken.
  "Yea got a lot of good reading done. And this girl named Wendy kept bothering me a lot. Kept asking questions." Aragorn answered.
  "Ahh Wendy. Don’t worry about her. That’s my daughter. I sent her and Crystal to ask you a lot of questions and to see what your answers would be. There going to be joining us tonight before you go out and nab some of Garrison’s men." Ken said
  "Ah ok!" Aragorn said.
  "Now do you know a lot more about your gun? And how you should nab his men?" asked Ken.
  "Yes I do," Aragorn said. Crystal and Wendy walked into the room.
  "Hi pa!" Wendy said.
  "Hey pa," Crystal said too.
  "Hi girls. How'd the questioning go with Aragorn?" asked Ken.
  "Perfect. Like always, pa," Wendy said.
  "Ok Aragorn my two daughters are going to help you. Ok? They’re good at oh stopping guards from watching their post. If you get my drift," Ken said.
  "Yea I got it." Aragorn answered.
  It was close to 22hundred hours. Time for the first strike.

Chapter Quatre

  Jadin stood up. He knew Aragorn was near. He could feel him close. He walked behind some trees and watched as two guards of Garrison walked by. The two guards never saw Jadin in the trees. What, you think Jadin's gonna kill those guards? Why would he? They’re on the same side. Or are they? There's something you don’t know about Jadin, something about his life that this part of the story wouldn’t make sense if I told it to you without this first. You may think Jadin is some very evil person. A bad torpedo, so to speak. But deep within his soul there is something else about him. Something that repels what he does day in and day out. To tell you the truth, Jadin doesn’t want to kill Aragorn. He doesn’t like the king. He wants to help Aragorn. He really honestly does. Jadin crouched in the tree's and watched the guards walk by. He wasn’t going to kill them just yet. It would cause a ruckus. He started to think about his past, when he had a good past. The way he was before all this happened . . .
  "Dear! Lovie! Where did you go?" yelled Jadin's wife, Odetta.
  Jadin was hiding in the bush waiting for her to get near him then he would tackle her and giggles would start. Odetta walked closer to the bush. She could sense Jadin was there. But she pretended she didn’t know. She walked closer, and closer, and closer. Until BAM! Jadin jumped out. Odetta let out a fake scream but then tackled Jadin.
  "I got you now!" she yelled as she and he fell to the ground.
  "AHH!" Jadin yelled.
  Odetta laughed. I guess loud enough their two children, Roland and Susan walked in.
  "Mom, Dad, what are you two doing?" asked Roland, the older of the two he was 14 Susan was 10.
  "Your mom and I are just acting like children. Now Roland, go chop some firewood and Susan help your mother in the kitchen with dinner please," Jadin said.
  With a groan both replied, "Yes, father."
  "That’s a good child." Jadin said as he walked off. The only people who knew where he went that night were him and the person he talked with.
  "Ok I’m here. What do you want?" asked Jadin.
  "You know very well what I want" The man said.
  "Listen! I ain’t gonna do jack crap for you and you know it!" Jadin yelled.
  "You'll do it," the man said. He wacked Jadin across the head. When he came to, he was chained on the ground.
  "I still ain’t gonna do what you want! No matter what!" Yelled Jadin.
  "Oh yes you will!" The man said. He made Jadin drink this strange drink. Jadin squirmed a while. Then he fell asleep.
  He opened his eyes.
  "Now you'll do everything I ask of you, got it?" said the man.
  "Yes, sir," Jadin answered, Jadin was in the man's control. That night he walked back to the house.
  "Dear, what took you so long? I was worried sick!" Odetta said.
  Jadin didn’t answer. He just walked into the kitchen and pulled out a knife.
  "Honey? What are you going to do with that?" asked Odetta.
  Jadin walked toward her.
  "Honey . . . honey! You’re not yourself! Put down the knife!" Odetta yelled.
  But it was useless. Jadin struck her in the heart and down she went. Roland ran into the room when he heard his mother scream. He saw his father kill his mother.
  "DAD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Roland.
  It seems like his father didn’t hear what he said. Jadin walked toward his one and only son and killed him as well. His daughter, Susan was sleeping in the bedroom he killed her to. He killed everyone in his family. The neighbors heard their screams and ran to go see what happened. Legend says Jadin ran from the house and didn’t look back, some say he was paid to kill them. But he got away. Some people say he went and lived in the woods. He was the person you would hire if you wanted someone killed. He took any person's job. The spell the man cast on him wore off. But he thought that he killed every person of his family. He was dammed anyway. Why not do it for money? It didn’t matter anymore. None of it did. He drifted back to reality...
  The guards were nowhere in sight. He fell asleep, he guessed. For how long, he didn’t know. All he wanted was to find Aragorn or one of them. He wanted to help them kill Garrison. He wanted Aragorn to get his crown back. Then he would go off and get rid of himself cause his time on this planet was done. His one and only purpose was coming. He was ready to go home.

Chapter Cinq:

  Garrison sat silently on his thrown. He now knew Aragorn was coming after him. When he did not know but he knew it would be soon. One of his serving maids entered the room.
  "My Lord, would you care for something to drink or eat?" she asked.
  "Detta! How many times have I told you?! DO NOT BOTHER ME WHEN I AM IN MY THROWN ROOM!" yelled Garrison.
  "S-s-s-oory my l-l-lo-lor-lord" Detta stuttered.
  "YOU HAD BETTER BE SORRY!" yelled Garrison.
  Detta stood there in fear of what he was gonna do to her.
  "Guards!" Yelled Garrison. Two guards entered the room.
  "Yes my lord?" said one of the guards.
  "My Lord! I know what I did was wrong, But why do you have to kill me because of it?" asked Detta
  "To set an example for every other serving maid like yourself," Garrison said.
  "Sir, I hate you. Aragorn was a way better king then you'll ever be," Detta said.
  "Detta, Aragorn is never coming back here. You and the rest of your people have no hope left to stand on," Garrison said.
  Detta started to cry. The guards led her out of the room. Five minutes later he heard a scream that was silenced within a matter of seconds. His wife, Lana walked into the room.
  "Honey . . . what’s wrong?" Lana asked
  "Nothing, my queen. Nothing is wrong. My torpedo is gonna take care of Aragorn," Garrison answered
  "Honey, something is bothering you. What is it?" asked Lana again
  "Well, Im worried that everyone is going to revolt . . . " Garrison said.
  "Honey no ones gonna revolt" Lana said.
  "Well . . . " Garrison began until Lana cut him off.
  "Honey! You have nothing to worry about! Everything’s gonna be fine," Lana said.
  "If you say so my dear," Garrison said.
  "I love you and nothing is going to happen," Lana said as she kissed him and left him alone in his thrown room.
  Garrison sat there in silence for a very long time. And he himself started to think about his life before he did this, before he had taken over Aragorn's throne, before this all started . . .
  "Honey, where are the kids? I need to wish them goodnight before I go to work," Garrison asked his wife Lana.
  "They’re already in their beds, sleeping," Lana answered.
  "Ah ok. Well, I do not want to disturb their slumber so I'll be going now," Garrison said as he gave his wife a good bye kiss and walked out the door.
  "Be careful dear!" Lana said. She had followed him to the door and said this to him from the door way.
  "I always am, love!" Garrison yelled at her. He walked down the road a bit and turned to go into the woods. He was to meet some young feller there. The young feller approached him.
  He said, "Ok I’m here. What do you want?"
  "You know what I want," Garrison answered.
  "I'm not going to do it!"
  "Yes you are!"
  "I don’t think so! Never!" yelled the man.
  "Oh, you'll do it all right," Garrison yelled and knocked him out cold. When the man came to, he was chained to the ground.
  "I'll never do what you want me to do!" The man said.
  "Oh yes you will" Garrison answered and injected him with some sort of poison. The man was totally under his control. The man got up and walked out of the woods. Garrison walked back home and went inside.
  "Welcome back dear. Would you like something to eat?" asked Lana
  "No thanks . . . I just wanna sleep," Garrison answered.
  "Ok Dear. The kids are still sleeping, ok? So try not to wake them when you get ready for bed!" Lana said.
  "Yes, dear," Garrison simply said and walked into his bedroom to go to sleep. Garrison came back to reality . . .
  With a heavy sigh, Garrison tilted his head back and went to sleep right in his chair.

  Aragorn quickly loaded his gun and cocked it. He would be ready for anything. Crystal and Wendy were also loading their guns.
  "Ok now be careful!' Ken said.
  "Don’t worry pa, we will!" Wendy said.
  "Yes father, no need to worry," Crystal told her dad.
  "I sense something will happen, something big. You three don’t get dead," Ken said.
  "I can promise that these two girls won’t die. I will protect them with my life. But as for me, no promises," Aragorn answered.
  "All three of you will come back alive. Now listen. Most of Garrison’s men have been taken care of. Not necessarily killed, but captured. Those most loyal to you, Aragorn, are still next to Garrison waiting for your arrival, for the final battle. But watch out for at least ten of the ones are his soldiers still not loyal to you," Ken told them.
  "Got it. Thanks Ken, I can’t thank you and the rest here enough. You all helping me like this. Thanks." Aragorn told them.
  "Aragorn, not a problem. You need your kingship back. And we’re going to help you. No matter what," Ken said.
  A tear came down Aragorn’s cheek. He whipped it before Ken, Wendy, and Crystal could see it slide down his cheek.
  "Ok girls you ready?" asked Aragorn.
  "YEA! Most definitely ready!" Wendy answered.
  "Yep. I'm ready! Let’s go!" Crystal answered as well.
  They said goodbye to Ken and walked down the hall. Criss, Mike, Jake, and everyone else were wishing them good luck. They got outside. Aragorn turned to the girls and said, "Ok lets go into the woods over there to we can make a little plan ok?"
  "Sure" Wendy answered.
  The three of them walked into the woods. Aragorn began talking.
  "Ok, you two are going to go in first. Start sweet talking the guards. Do whatever you have to, to distract them. I’m going to slip into the palace by the kitchen window. It’s never locked. No one ever locks it. No one. And come in that way. Is that a good enough plan?"
  "Yes but what happens afterward? I mean after you come in through the window?" Asked Crystal.
  "I don’t know I’m making this up as I go . . . " Aragorn said
  Wendy started to laugh but then someone or something made a noise and Aragorn using his hand told them to be quite. He pulled out his gun and moved to where the noise was coming from. He motioned Wendy and crystal to move around back. But not to shoot at whatever is in there. Aragorn took the butt of his gun and wacked down to where the person or animal or whatnot was.
  Aragorn backed away. There was a person in there. The person jumped up.
  "JADIN!" Wendy and Crystal said at the same time and the three of them in a blink of an eye had their guns pointed at Jadin. Any moves and BLAM he's a gonner.
  "What do you want? Why are you here?" Aragorn asked
  "Relax. I'm not here to hurt you" Jadin answered
  "Like hell you are. You've been sent here to kill me!" Aragorn exclaimed.
  "I hate Garrison as much as you do. Yes I have been sent here to kill you. But I want to help you kill him." Jadin said.
  "How can I trust you?" Aragorn asked
  "I don’t know. I just want to help you. I hate Garrison as much as you do. I want him dead too," Jadin said.
  "I don’t trust him Aragorn," Wendy said.
  "Me too," Crystal said.
  "For some reason I do . . . "Aragorn lowered his gun. And motioned for Crystal and Wendy to do the same. Jadin still kept his hands up.
  "You can put your hands down now Jadin," Aragorn told him.
  "Thank you, Aragorn. Now the best way for you to enter the castle is through the kitchen window . . . " Jadin began.
  "We already have a plan Jadin . . . Now, I guess its four of us! Going against Garrison!" Aragorn exclaimed as Wendy, Crystal and Jadin laughed a little.

Chapter Six:

  "Ok, ok enough horse play. No more laughing we need to be serious. Ok we have someone else helping us. The plan's gonna change sightly. Now Jadin your gonna come in through the kitchen with me. Be careful girls. I mean it. I don’t want you all dead. Got me?" asked Aragorn.
  "I got it."Crystal answered
  "Me too," Wendy said.
  "Good. Now let’s get something to eat before we go and attack. We can’t go kicking Garrision's buttocks on an empty stomach!" Aragorn exclaimed.
  Jadin cracked a smile and somehow Wendy found it comforting. Maybe he did want to help us . . . maybe . . . Aragorn started the fire.
  "Girls. You keep the fire hot and Jadin and I are gonna catch something to eat. Ok?" asked Aragorn.
  "Fine by me." Wendy answered.
  "Yep," Crystal said.
  Jadin and Aragorn walked deeper into the woods. They walked in silence for a while until Aragorn said, "Hey Jadin, who are you?"
  "Aragorn, I don’t even know. I am many people I guess. I was a nice family man. Had a wife and children. Had a life. Then I became this, this ruthless person. I don’t even like this. I hate me. I hate all I've done . . . " Jadin answered.
  "Jadin, my friend, after all this is over, I will do anything you want me to do for you." Aragorn told him.
  "Really?" asked Jadin.
  "Thank you so much Lord Aragorn."
  "Not a problem, friend," Aragorn said.
  They walked on and they found a deer they could shoot. Aragorn pulled out his bow on instinct to kill it but Jadin pulled out his gun and fired before Aragorn got a chance to stringing the bow.
  "Wow . . . Good shot Jadin," Aragorn said.
  "Thanks Aragorn," Jadin said.
  "Come on, help me take it back to camp" Aragorn said as he and Jadin walked over to it and picked it up. They heaved it back to camp. Wendy and Crystal were waiting for them there. When Jadin's gun went off Wendy felt a weird sensation come over her. What if Jadin's bullet just killed Aragorn? And he was coming back to kill her and Crystal? Wendy started getting really nervous. But then she saw Aragorn and Jadin coming back with a deer so her uneasy mind was put at ease.
  "Wow! Look at that deer!" Crystal exclaimed.
  "Yes this'll fill us up." Jadin said.
  Wendy and Crystal skinned the deer and cooked it. When that was done the four of them enjoyed a nice little meal. Then they geared back up. Jadin went over to Wendy and helped her.
  "Do you need any help Wendy?" asked Jadin.
  "No. I'm ok," Wendy answered.
  "You’re sure?" asked Jadin.
  "Yes. Yes!" Wendy said.
  "Is there something wrong Wendy?" Jadin asked
  "No, no I’m fine!" Wendy exclaimed.
  "Ok," Jadin said with a puzzled look on his face. Something was wrong with Wendy but he didn’t know what.
  "All right. Is everyone set? Time to go!" Aragorn said.
  Aragorn led the way to the castle. They weren’t too far away from it. They arrived at the castle.
  "Ok Wendy, Crystal. Go in through the castle doors. We'll be going in through the kitchen. Do whatever you have to do. Got it?" asked Aragorn
  "Got it Aragorn" Wendy and Crystal said in unison.
  Wendy and Crystal walked away from Jadin and Aragorn and toward the castle. They arrived in front of two guards.
  "Now hold it, missies. Where do you think you two are going?" asked one of the guards.
  "Someone sent us as surprise entertainment for the king," Crystal said.
  The guards looked at each other grinning.
  "You may go in," the second guard said. While this discussion was going on Jadin and Aragorn slipped though the kitchen windows in the castle. Aragorn looked at Jadin like he meant to say you ok? And are you ready? Jadin looked back at Aragorn with the look of Yes, I am ready. Lets go. So they walked out of the kitchen. Jadin went first to check for people. There were none.

Meanwhile . . .

  Crystal and Wendy walked down the hall way. They spotted the kitchen and saw Jadin. Ever so silently they walked to where they were. "Aragorn. Jadin," whispered Crystal.
  "Hey you two. You got in all right. Ok come on. Coast looks clear," Jadin said.
  Jadin led the way with Crystal behind him, Aragorn in the middle and Wendy walking backwards covering their backs. No one crossed their paths. Aragorn started to get suspicious . . . But his suspicion in Jadin disappeared. Jadin had plenty of times to kill him. When they were in the woods hunting deer, when they were going to the kitchen, and many others. But he never even made an attempt to kill Aragorn. So Aragorn trusted him. They were a room away from the throne room. They got to the door. This was it. No going back. Do or die.
  "Ok I'm gonna bust the door open. Wendy, Crystal, Jadin you three go in with a blaze of glory. Ok?" Said Aragorn.
  The three of them nodded in agreement.
  "On the count of three."
  "Wait, wait, wait! Do we go exactly on three right after three or right before three?" asked Wendy.
  "Right on three," Aragorn answered.
  "Got it."
  "Let me begin again."
  Aragorn broke down the door with two kicks. Wendy, Crystal and Jadin came in with a blaze of glory. Shooting everywhere. Determined to hit Garrision. Aragorn came in afterwards firing as well. He was gonna kill Garrision if it was the last thing he ever did.
  "DIE YOU BASTARD!!!" yelled Aragorn. His voice was blurred. The room was filled with smoke. All of Garrison's men were down and out for the count. Garrision was out of bullets. Aragorn had one left. Crystal and Wendy had three each left. And Jadin? Who knows. The firing stopped. The smoke cleared. And when everything was visible Aragorn had a gun pointed at Garrision.
  "Wendy, Crystal. Go get Ken and Criss tell them to get up here quick" Aragorn said.
  "Yes, sir," Wendy answered and they left the room.
  Aragorn still had the gun pointed at Garrison.
  "Well looks like I beat you now.. I got my cr--" Aragorn started to say. But then as he spoke a sharp pain came shooting through his back.

Chapter Sept:

  "Wendy, Crystal, go get Ken and Criss tell them to get up here quick!" Aragorn said.
  "Yes, sir," Wendy answered and they left the room.
  Aragorn still had the gun pointed at Garrision. "Well looks like I beat you now . . . I got my cr--" Aragorn started to say, but as he spoke a sharp pain came shooting through his back.
  "UH...." Aragorn managed to get out. As he started to fall. He turned around. And he saw Jadin, his gun pointed right at him smoking. The look on Aragorn’s face was that of surprise and terror. He just realized what had happened. He would be seeing Arwen soon . . . Aragorn fell never to awake again.
  Jadin looked up at Garrision. Garrision’s face was that of surprise. He thought Jadin betrayed him and was helping Aragorn. I guess not though. Jadin pointed the gun at Garrision. He fired a shot at his left leg. Garrision screamed.
  "That’s for putting that spell on me!" He yelled. He shot him in the right shoulder.
  "That’s for making me kill my wife!" He shot him in the left shoulder. "That’s for making me kill my son!" He shot him in the right leg. "That’s for making me kill my daughter!" He had one bullet left. "And this is for ruining my life!" He shot Garrision in the chest and backwards he did fall. Just then Garrision's wife came into the room.
  Jadin didn’t want to kill her. But would if she lunged at him.
  "A-a-are you gonna kill me to?" asked Lana.
  "No," Jadin answered.
  "Yeah? Well I'm gonna kill you for killing my husband!" Lana screamed as she pulled out her gun and pumped Jadin full of lead.
  "NO!" screamed Wendy and Crystal. They walked right in the room as Lana killed Jadin. Both Wendy and Crystal fired 3 shots each into Lana. The whole room was dead silent.
  "Why did you kill Lana for killing Jadin?" asked Ken.
  "Jadin was helping us . . . Oh goodness! Aragorn!" Wendy said as she ran over to Aragorn. She took him in her arms.
  "Aragorn! Aragorn! Speak to me! please? Please!" Wendy kept on saying.
  Ken and Criss walked over to where Wendy was.
  "Wendy . . . he’s gone . . . along with everyone else in here," Ken said.
  "Garrision probably killed Aragorn, then Jadin killed Garrision for killing Aragorn then Lana killed Jadin and we killed Lana . . ." Crystal said.
  "Well now Aragorn’s with Arwen." Criss said.
  "Yeah... hopefully they’re happy together," Ken said.
  "Come on, help me carry Aragorn and Jadin out. We’re gonna give them a nice funeral . . ." Criss said.
  "Ok," Ken answered. The four of them carried Aragorn and Jadin out and then afterwards had a nice funeral for them. No one ever really knew what happened in the shoot out, no one knows that Jadin betrayed Aragorn and caused his death, and no one ever did know.


  After everything happened time as always moved on. Ken became King and Criss, Ken's friend married Wendy. Crystal went and traveled the world. Prohibition was abolished. There was no more need for hitmen or bootlegging. Ken got rid of all guns in Gondor, and ended up getting a law passed to destroy guns everywhere. He saw what they did to people, and he didn’t want that to happen again. After Ken stepped down Criss became King and Wendy Queen. and from that point on everything was fine. Children were taught of Prohibition in Middle-earth and the tragedy that ensued. And Prohibition there never happened again.