The Ringleaders - i Nili o i Ardanole Newsletter
Contribution Contest.

2004/5 Winners!:
First Place: Ivy. Behind-the-scenes work pays off. Who ever said that only those in the limelight get what they deserve? Kudos!
Second Place: A tie between Cerridwen and Prongs. No, the thains had no part in altering the numbers. They made it where they are on the staff by determination and effort.
Third Place: Padfoot, Éostar, and Frodo's Friend.
Honourable Mentions: Matthias, Fan, Nienna, Angel, and Sméagol.
What now?: Chances are very good that we will hold another one of these when the awards can be devised, created, or otherwise pilfered for your benefit. Keep the contributions coming... you have a very good chance of winning next time! And points are likely to be retroactive - nudge, nudge. Happy writing!