The Encyclopedia of Arda: A reference guide for the work of Tolkien. Official website for Tolkien artist John Howe.

Ted Nasmith: Official website for Lord of the Rings artist Ted Nasmith.

Ardalambion: A superb resource on the languages of The Lord of the Rings.

The One For the most extensive listing of conventional Rings news.

Lord of the The official webpage of The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy.

Tales of Arda: The storyteller's chamber.

LotR FanArt: A community for Rings Fan-Artists to discuss and share their work.

John Howe FanArt: A gallery of FanArt, themes directed by John Howe.

LotR Costume Research Home: Exactly what the name implies.

i Nili Members' Sites:

All Things Lord of the Rings: A Tolkien-based online community. Manager: Xara.

Leaves of Lorien: A community for all Rings-related discussion. Manager: Ivy.

Liv Tyler/Arwen Undomiel: A community for Arwen and her portrayer. Manager: Angel.

Imladris Dreams: Devoted to the love of Aragorn and Arwen. Manager: Angel.

Smeagol's Biggest Fan: Number-one location for Smeagolness. Manager: Smeagol.

The Land of Hobbiton: Another celebrated Tolkien community. Manager: Cate Sparrow.