Editor: Perian.

  Also known as Peri-o, Periwinkle, Perican, Frodo, and the imposter who pretends to be Sam in the Ask Samwise columns, Perian is founder of the i Nili Newsletter, and Co-Editor.
  An artist by nature, Perian’s passion for writing did not develop until long after experiencing Tolkien’s work (which is more or less why her articles are flooded with awkward sentence structures and excessive adjectives.) Her discovery of Tolkien came at the age of eight when she chanced upon a personal diary and a "The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings" set while looking through a bookshelf not her own. After reading the diary and carefully replacing it, she delved into The Hobbit. It took months of reading and even more of pondering what the words meant after "In a hole in the ground there lived a..." but by the time she was gifted with a set of her own, she was enmeshed in Middle-earth.
  So why start a newsletter? Perian, knew that after the media attention toward Peter Jackson’s version of The Lord of the Rings died off there would be nothing beyond a few bonds of fellowship to unite and expedite the growth of i Nili (English translation: "The Fellowship"). As someone who relies on the quotes of others for inspiration, Perian saw a newsletter as the obvious solution ("Without a paper, a journal of some kind, you cannot unite a community" was the original quote which sprang to her mind, and very true it has proven itself.)
  So please bear with our fish-wielding, third-person-speaking, diatribe-writing, parody-producing Editor and her rants as she pays tribute to Tolkien in the only way she knows how.
  Mae govannen, mellon nin, to the i Nili o i Ardanole Newsletter. Wipe your fingers before clicking, and have no fear for your sanity, as you cannot lose what you have never had.


Perian is author of A Little Something (run! Don't ask questions, just run!). She also manages several columns, including Tolkienish and Ask Samwise.