Chief Corespondant: Prongs.

Greetings from the Great White North! I am a 21 year old pre-medical student currently in my third year at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. My field of specialization is Toxicology, the study of the harmful effects that drugs and medication can have on the body if taken in overdosed amounts. Ultimately, my goal in life is to become a practicing physician either in obstetrics or paediatrics. To get a feel for the medical profession, I attained a position as a student attending in the emergency department of a local hospital and so far, the experience has been nothing short of exhilarating!


Aside from medicine, sports is my big passion and I am known around my residence building as the “sports junkie”. I am an active member of the University of Toronto’s varsity basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and tennis teams and, while I would like to think of myself as a level-headed competitor, I will admit that I have had my “short-fuse” moments. I once slashed a girl right across the knees with my lacrosse stick in a fit of rage … oops.


When I am not in the library or on the playing fields, I enjoy reading (Tolkein being a favourite since I first read the Hobbit at age 10), posting messages on various Lord of the Rings boards, watching movies and TV shows (mostly 24, ER and Friends) and hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, Rob.


Ever since I became a member of All Things Lord of the Rings and I Nili O I Ardanole, my life has never been the same. I have made many a friend, all of whom I have shared plenty of laughs with, and I have even started to write for the newsletter. Fancy that! While writing is not something that I am particularly talented at (that would be science), it is something that I have enjoyed doing, and hope to continue doing for years.