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During World War One, Tolkien's vision of Middle Earth began to take shape. It grew over his life from a series of myths and legends, to the tale of a hobbit and thirteen dwarves, to the epic masterpiece that is the Lord of the Rings. Though the master creator of this amazing world is now gone, the spirit of Tolkien lives on in the fans that continue to fall in love with his characters, follow their journeys, appreciate his genius and attempt to try and create some of their own. Here at the newsletter, that is what our work is all about: appreciating Tolkien's work and trying to create some of our own.
Here on the newsletter site we have tried to make a number of things more readily available to our readers. To find out more about the newsletter’s origins and those who currently run it, go to the staff section. In archives we have catalogued all our articles in alphabetical and chronological order for your convenience along with an index of all past issues available for your viewing pleasure. Article and column contributions have been made easier with clear guidelines and forms. We have also compiled a number of our own fan fictions, mere toenails in comparison with Tolkien, of course, and often laced with parody to outstrip the newsletter articles (read at your peril) yet very delightful. Links are provided to the websites which either belong to our contributors or are otherwise indispensable for the Tolkien fan. Lastly, a contact form has been provided directly to the staff to handle any questions or comments you may have.
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Notices and updates:
Fear not, young (and older) friends! The newsletter has not been forsaken. The archives will be up soon. In the meantime you can have new issues sent directly to your inbox by subscribing.
Fanfiction is down. We apologise for the inconvenience.
The 2004/5 Ringleaders have been announced. Keep an eye out for the next contribution contest.
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, there is a rumour spreading that the i Nili Newsletter is in search of writers, new and old, to fill a few gaps on the staff. Anyone submitting over the next few months has a chance of being offered such a position. There are few rewards and little glory, but you would be making an impact on the Tolkien-inspired subculture. Beyond all that, it is extremely enjoyable.

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