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Issue 50, Volume 3, March 18th, 2005.

Editors: Perian, Xara. 
Primary Reporter: Ivy.
Chief Correspondent: Prongs.
Columnists: Lady Morrigan Shadow, Padfoot, Cerridwen.
Contributor(s): Evenstar, Fan, Kitty, Rob Stames.

In this issue:
Endings by Xara.
To Be or Not To Be ... Gay by Prongs and Rob Stames.
What If Hobbits Had Pets? by Fan.
Fanfiction: The Controversial Tribute by Perian.
Do You Believe In Miracles? by Padfoot.
The Legendary Legend of Gondolin by Xara.

In every issue:
Fanfiction: This Fortnight: If the Light Should Ever Fade: Part Seven by Cerridwen.
Ivy's Newsletter Trivia.
Xara's Random Fandom.
Ask Samwise.
Tolkienish, provided by Perian.

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By Xara.

  Have you ever had one of those friends who wants to know the ending to a book or movie they haven't seen yet but you have? You know, the one who whines you day and night, "Tell meeeeee!" "I could never!" You reply, "'Tis sacrilege!" But they just roll their eyes and continue to plead. One such friend had I, and I discovered a way to please her, and punish her for her curiosity at the same time. Next time someone asks you how a book or movie ended, perhaps you should try this.
  "Please, please, please! Tell me, how does Return of the King end!?!"
  "I can't tell you! It would spoil it!"
  "But I have to know!"
  "Well, all right. Ok, so Frodo and Sam have reached Mount Doom to destroy the Ring, right? But just as Frodo is about to destroy the Ring, he decides he doesn't want to! He decides to claim the Ring for himself instead! But Sam knows that if Frodo does this then all of Middle Earth will come to ruin, so he tries to plead with Frodo, but to no avail. So finally, desperately, Sam tries to grab the Ring off Frodo and destroy it himself. But then Frodo, in a jealous rage, pushes Sam into the fires of Mount Doom! And Sam dies horribly! Then, realizing what he has just done, Frodo is so ashamed that he throws himself into the fires after him! And in the process the Ring is destroyed. The end."
  "Woooow...I always knew Frodo was a bastard!"
  "He's not a bastard! How dare you!"
  "But he pushed Sam in!"
  "No he didn't."
  "I was just teasing. Ok, here's what really happens. Frodo and Sam are standing above the fires of Mount Doom about the destroy the Ring, when suddenly, Sam, overcome by the lure of the Ring, tries to grab it off Frodo. But Frodo resists, knowing that he cannot fail now after travelling so far. So Sam draws his sword and kills Frodo! But then, as he gets to his feet, he slips on the blood on the ground and falls into the fire, destroying himself and the Ring!"
  "Woah. Sam always seemed so nice! That sure was a powerful Ring!"
  "Yeah, so powerful it corrupted poor Frodo at the last minute..."
  "Hang on a second! You didn't say anything about the Ring corrupting Frodo!"
  "I know, I was still teasing."
  "Ugh!!! Come ON! Tell me the real ending!"
  "Ok, ok! Frodo and Sam are at the fires of Mount Doom. They're about to destroy the Ring. When suddenly, Frodo decides to claim the Ring for himself! He refuses to destroy it. So, in a bid to save Middle Earth, Sam overcomes his love and loyalty to his master, helped a bit by his disgust that Frodo should succumb to the Ring's power after dragging him all the way across Middle Earth, and pushes Frodo into the Fires, destroying the Ring in the process!"
  "And you're sure that's the real ending?"
  "Well, actually it's not."
  "Argh!!! I'm gonna kill you!"
  "No please! Don't! Ok, I'll tell you! Really this time! Ok, Frodo and Sam are at Mount Doom, about to destroy the Ring, when Frodo gets corrupted by it's power! He claims the Ring for himself! So Sam's all upset and everything but he loves his master, and there's nothing he can do! But then, just as Frodo puts on the Ring, drawing the gaze of Sauron, out of nowhere Gollum appears! And he jumps on top of Frodo, even though he can't see Frodo because he's invisible, and against all odds manages to bite off Frodo's finger, the finger that Frodo was wearing the Ring on! So then Frodo falls to the ground in agony, and Gollum starts jumping around for joy, and he jumps so hard he loses his footing, and falls back into the fire! BAM! The Ring is destroyed!"
  "...I don't believe you. That's the most ridiculous of all the ones you've told me."
  "You're right. That one was a bit far fetched. But I'll tell you something: One of those was the real ending."
  "Ooooh, I bet it's the first one!"
  "We'll see. We'll see..."

To Be Or Not To Be ... Gay
By Prongs and Rob Stames.

Disclaimer: This article touches on a controversial subject. If you have an aversion toward any of the words in the title you would do well to read it- that is, skip ahead. The newsletter staff take no responsibility for any facial discolouration, spontaneous swearing, or momentary madness resulting from the combination of article topic and reader's dogma. Thank you. -Ed.

  After a long absence from the newsletter (which I greatly apologise for), Rob and I are back with a somewhat controversial article. Apologies in advance if you are offended by what you are about to read. Please note the editor's disclaimer.
  So, as always, the idea for this article began with a discussion that Rob and I had. As usual, I was working in the ER on Sunday morning when a rather disturbing incident took place. I had just settled a new patient into his room and was handing the chart in to the nurse. She gave the forms a once over ... then took a closer look at them. The conversation that followed with her fellow nurses ticked me off (for sake of those with delicate ears, I will not recount the conversation verbatim). Under the label "spouse", I had typed "Alex". The nurse assumed that "Alex" was male and promptly stated that she would not treat a gay couple (in the first place, it wasn't the couple who were here for treatment and in the second place, shut up). As it turns out, "Alex" was short for Alexandra (edited by Rob: and she was all woman, if you know what I mean). Can you understand why I was upset?
  I debated long and hard over whether to report the nurse (edited by Rob: if you can even call her a nurse) to the hospital board. In fact, I even had a conversation with Rob about it over dinner later that night -- and he came up with the brilliant idea of letting off my steam in an article. A lot of what I am about to say is his input also. This is our opinion and not the opinion of anyone else on the newsletter staff (they may agree with some of our points but we take full responsibility if anyone gets offended by what we have written).
  Rob and I are both very religious people and the fact that we are both of different faiths is what keeps our relationship strong and our lives interesting. But aside from being religious people, we are also very open-minded individuals. We both have friends who are gay and they are some of the most incredible people we know. Newsflash: these people are no different from you and me. They play sports, they read, they write, they study, drink coffee, paint, cook ... so they like members of the same sex -- so what? Does that make them bad people? I don't think so. Yet, there are so many people in this world (the nurse being one of them) who have a problem with gay people. 
  Gay bashing really makes me mad. Whether these people are gay or not, they are still human beings who ought to be treated with respect. I remember there being a huge uproar a year or two ago, when it was thought that Dom Monaghan and Elijah Wood were in a relationship (er, with each other I mean) because they were very touchy-feely (er, with each other again) -- they hugged a lot, they kissed each other on the cheek. As it turns out, those rumours were false but the commotion and discussion it caused among fans was insane.
  I think it's wonderful that those two were so comfortable with each other and so close to each other that they felt that they could hug and kiss in front of other people. I do that a lot. My friend Nataly and I are incredibly close -- we were roommates in our first year of university. We hug each other, we kiss each other on the cheek, we walk down the street with our arms around each others' waists -- we are very close to each other. She is one of my greatest friends in the world and someone I know I can count on if I ever got into trouble. We both have steady boyfriends but that still doesn't stop the tongues a-wagging. Apparently it's "not the right thing to do" this going around hugging and kissing each other. Well, to that I say "Go dunk your head in a toilet full of poop" (edited by Rob: she actually said a lot worse). It's our life, it's their (Dom and Elijah's) lives, let us/ them lead it the way we/ they want to. In an increasingly liberal world, I think it's sad that people are distancing themselves from other wonderful human beings just because the "others" happen to be gay. But, that's just my opinion anyway.

What If Hobbits Had Pets?
By Fan

  As I was searching for inspiration for the story that I am currently writing I watched as my favourite cat sauntered into my room and stared at my poster of the four hobbits, well actually Trouble (my cat) was staring at a lady bug on the poster, but that's beside the point. As I was watching my cat an idea hit me, What if hobbits had pets?
Seriously, do you ever see an adorable hobbit lass playing with her favourite kitten? Do you ever see a hobbit lad playing fetch with his dog? No, you don't. Well, OK, I do have to give credit. There is a dog in The Fellowship of the Ring, you know, towards the beginning of the movie, just after Smeagol says those two fateful words "Baggins, Shire" and then we see the black rider ride up to that one hobbit home with the dog barking. Other then that instance almost all of the other four-legged creatures that you see throughout the entire trilogy are horses or Sauron's wolves.
  All of you that have guard dogs or some other animal that protects you think of how much they help keep you, your family, and your home safe. Now think of how guard dogs, domesticated (and well-trained) bears, Asian (Chinese or Japanese) Fighting Cats, and the like would have been able to help keep the hobbits safe from Saruman's grasps in the Scouring of the Shire.
  Hobbits can be quite intelligent, they could have trained guard dogs and such to keep evil at bay. So now I leave you with this last idea to ponder over. Could the shire have been saved with the help of four legged furry friends? I think so.

 [Actually, as book Purists will know, hobbits did indeed have pets; most notably the dogs of Farmer Maggot, one of whom is mentioned. 'Tis still an interesting point to ponder. -Ed.]

Fanfiction - The Controversial Tribute
By Perian.
  Chances are that by now every person who is reading this has read at least one or two chapters or episodes of fanfiction. Some readers enjoy it, some don't, and many are undecided; but few, save those who actually take up the pen and try their hand at it, appreciate the field for what it is - a study and an art form and a massive effort in honouring the writer of the original tale.
  For some, fanfiction is an easy way out of many of the initial creative processes essential to writing a story, a shortcut past establishing characters, drawing maps, writing up family trees and locational mythologies, setting boundaries on the extent to which magic and other powers of the world created can be used, defining races and species, and so on. The "bypass writer" already has this established and may begin writing and gaining feedback almost immediately, using fanfiction as a forum for instant gratification.
  There is another sort of fanfiction writer, though. These people, in my view, are given far too little credit in the field of philology (in its original sense, meaning the love of learning and of literature). They take months and sometimes years out of their lives to study a particular work, its backgrounds, timelines, manners of speech and dress used by different characters and cultures within it; and then use what they have amassed to fill in the missing moments before a book begins and after it ends, and sometimes lost chunks of time in-between. They do this not for money (as there is none in it), nor for acclaim (as it is unlikely their work will ever be published due to international copyright laws) but simply because of the strength of their love and devotion for the world in which they have set their stories.
  (A third type of fanfiction writer exists, and is quite prevalent on the web at this time. As it is not, at the time of writing, allowed on this site, and as I am far from an expert on it, I will leave that to others to write about.)
  I would like to take a moment to focus on a writer of the second category. A writer whom I have no doubt you have all heard of, though possibly not associated with the genre of fanfiction. Even so, he was one of the greatest fanfiction writers of the past century. His name? John Ronald. Yes, as in Tolkien. Surprised? I would be, too, if someone suggested it to me.
  Tolkien was a master of fanfiction, and thus his writings are never referred to as such. Different terminology is used: "inspired by", "drew ideas from", "often used (such and such) as reference points". Scholarship and research are often mentioned. To best understand to how great a degree Tolkien based his works on others', read a translation of Beowulf. I recommend the New Verse Translation (bilingual edition if you're curious or ambitious) by Seamus Heaney. To quote it:
  "When the dragon awoke, trouble flared again.
  He rippled down the rock, writhing with anger
  when he saw the footprints of the prowler who had stolen
  too close to his dreaming head..."
  And so it goes on, the passage detailing how a dragon from upon his hoard of gold is stirred by the coming of a thief who steals a two-handled goblet, and how the dragon takes his rage out upon the people of a nearby town.
  Does this sound familiar to you? It is the primary plot around which The Hobbit is based. This is not the only time in which Tolkien closely copies Beowulf in theme or setting. Hrothgar in his hall bears vivid resemblance to Théoden in Meduseld, as does one of the ladies of Hrothgar's hall to Éowyn. There is a man in the tale named Eomer, and the Anglo-Saxon language used often finds its way into the words and names of Rohan.
  Beowulf was not Tolkien's only source. Numenor's demise is akin to Plato's sinking of Atlantis, to name but one more tale he borrowed from.
  Fanfiction writers everywhere, may this serve as encouragement, and, if I may say it, inspiration. Though plagiarism is to be looked down upon, some degree of theft, better known as research, becomes art in the hands and mind of a master tale-weaver.

Do You Believe in Miracles?
By Padfoot.
  Do you believe in miracles?
  On February twenty-second of the year nineteen eighty citizens of the United States of America sure did. On that day coach Herb Brooks led a rag-tag group of fresh-out-of-collage students to victory against the USSR. This legendary hockey game has been on the lips of many people since then. This game showed that with hard work and dedication anyone could achieve what they thought to be the impossible. No place talks more about this event than Lake Placid. They were the host city for these Olympic games. They had also hosted the nineteen thirty-two games. As they are about an hour west of me, I know this story very well and I have seen the arena and have seen the city many times.
  You are probably wondering what this has to do with Lord of the Rings. I believe the nineteen eighty’s Olympics and the quest to destroy the Ring share many parallels. The team Herb Brooks led to victory against the mighty Russian team was a small rag-tag group of twenty-year-olds. No one believed they would win but they did. This defeat of the Russians sent a wave of patriotic chatter throughout the stands and made even the strongest man cry.
  This would be the same for the quest to destroy the Ring. Hardly anyone thought Frodo and the fellowship would destroy the Ring. This group of men, dwarves, hobbits, elf, and a wizard never went on a huge quest with each other before this. In their hearts they knew they could try to destroy it but they never would. Of course they destroyed it and it proved that even the smallest creature could change the course of the future.
  I have always seen similarities between the Russian team and Sauron and his minions. Sauron had been around for nearly forever and knew what he had to do to get his ring back. The same with the Russian team. Some of those players had been playing together for fifteen years. That’s a long time of playing hockey with each other. The Russian team was full of pride. They thought they would crush the United States hockey team easily like they did in the exhibition match at Rockefeller Center in New York City. But of course they didn't. They United States hockey team defeated them four to three. ESPN named this event the biggest sports headlines in the past twenty-five years. I feel it’s the same for Lord of the Rings. Sauron thought he was going to get his ring back. He to was full of pride, he knew his nazgul would get it back for him but of course the hobbit proved him wrong and the ring was destroyed. Thus ending evil in Middle-Earth forever.
  It’s a miracle, wouldn't you say?

The Legendary Legend of Gondolin
By Xara.

  The Middle-Earthean legend of Gondolin has become almost a legend in itself; rumoured by many, understood by few. In Lord of the Rings it is mentioned but three times, once by Elrond, once in a song and once by Celeborn. And yet it is almost impossible to be a Lord of the Rings fan without stumbling at some point across a brief reference to Gondolin, and yet the real tale of the hidden city is a mystery known only to veterans of The Silmarillion. However the this tale of elves and balrogs, love, betrayal and exile is one truly enchanting.
  If I attempted to retell the entire tale of Gondolin, it would do it no justice at all. Nothing but Tolkien's own words could suffice in this matter, and he has many of them in The Silmarillion. But perhaps I can say something of the city itself and it's nature, if not the people in it. Gondolin was built by the elven king Turgon, a cousin of Galadriel, when he was guided to the hidden valley, surrounded by steep mountains on all sides, by Ulmo, lord of the waters. Fearing that the foes of Morgoth would eventually be defeated, Ulmo told Turgon to build a city that could be hidden from both friends and foes, that he and his people could disappear into, emerging only when Middle Earth's need was great.
  So Turgon built Gondolin, and the people of Nevrast, Turgon's former city, removed to it secretly, leaving behind a special set of armour, which Ulmo had prophesied would one day be worn by the messenger he would send to them, when the time was right to come forth and aid the people of Middle Earth. Gondolin was surrounded on all sides by the encircling hills, and guarded by the great eagles of Thorondor, who brought messages of the world outside to King Turgon. The only way in or out of Gondolin was a hidden passage of the river through the mountains. However once in, no one was ever allowed to leave the city until the appointed time, lest they reveal the secret location to Morgoth.
  And so now, perhaps you know a little more about the nature of the hidden city. But what took place there, I shall leave for Tolkien to tell.

This Fortnight: If the Light Should Ever Fade
Part Seven
By Cerridwen.

  "There is no chance of you going over that! Where is she.....? What does she think she's.....?" Thurin stared confused after Eiliandel, who was creeping towards a steep stone wall.
  "She's going in, why?" Aragorn answered, slightly amused.
  "That's a stone wall! She cannot climb it!" Thurin protested quietly, not wishing to attract attention, "Not to mention the two guards patrolling the top of it!"
  Legolas shot him a look, "Just watch. Eiliandel has her own way of getting to places." Thurin stared ahead as he saw the elf crouch near the bottom of the wall, ducking out of the guard's line of sight. Carefully, she pressed herself to the wall, and very carefully began to climb, using her control over air to keep herself against the wall. They all watched as she neared the top. The guards were looking the other way, so she swung herself over the top, very glad that she'd 'borrowed' a pair of breeches from Legolas before doing this. A sudden blast of air took care of each of the guards, knocking them against the stones and into deep slumber.
  Eiliandel leaned over the wall, dropping a rope she'd carried, "Come! Hurry!" she urged. Ciryawen darted forward and easily scaled the rope, showing intense dislike for the height of the wall as she neared the top, but she climbed up it nonetheless. Meluiwen followed, having no problems concerning the height of the wall, and joined Ciryawen on look-out. Legolas held the rope steady and Elladan and Elrohir scrambled up it quickly, having only to slow down to avoiding tripping each other when they reached the top.
  Aragorn climbed up after them, grinning at Eiliandel who made faces back at him, evidently extremely pleased, although Aragorn didn't know why. When he reached the top, however, he realized why she was so happy. Sometime in between her initial climb and Aragorn's ascent, she'd pulled the thickest fog Aragorn had ever seen into the stronghold. He couldn't even see the edge of the wall they were standing on.
  "A little tired of fog?" Aragorn asked her as Legolas began to climb.
  "Me? No. I just thought I'd share the pleasure of it with everyone," Eiliandel answered dryly as she stepped aside for Legolas to have room to climb over. Legolas looked at the fog and shook his head, a grin crossing his face. He should have known that Eiliandel would have something aside from a climbing rope up her sleeve.
  "Hurry Thurin!" Aragorn said as he looked over the edge. Thurin was barely halfway up the rope in the same amount of time three elves had taken to scale it. Eiliandel held out her hand and Thurin suddenly rose to the edge of the wall, a powerful gust of wind roaring upward. Legolas and Aragorn assisted him over.
  Thurin stared at Eiliandel, "How did you...?" he had to stop to catch his breath.
  Legolas answered, "Enchantress."
  Thurin straightened, "Well, that explains that then doesn't it?" he replied, now understanding Eiliandel's odd outlook on entering the stronghold, "Follow me. I'll show you where she is." Thurin led them through the fog, thankful that Eiliandel had moved it enough to allow him to see the edge of the wall as they walked.

* * *

  Haradion stared out the window glaring at the fog. He hated fog which was why he and Talath had cursed the City to have to live in it for weeks. Sighing he settled back to reading a book on elves, hoping to find a weakness of some kind so that he could crack the elvish queen's resolve when she finally woke. He looked up as the door opened.

  "Right through here, up the stairs," Thurin said as he opened the door, only to find himself face to face with Haradion. "M'lord! "he exclaimed. Haradion glared at him, taking in the others present. He recognized the king and the prince off Mirkwood.
  "You......" Haradion grabbed his staff and began to raise the carved wooden pole above his head, obviously about to bring the wrath of decades down on Thurin. Thurin cringed, waiting for the worst. It never came. A fireball erupted in front of Haradion, forcing him back and allowing Aragorn to pull Thurin back as Eiliandel stepped forward. "Ah! Istawen's little girl, I never thought I'd have to kill you too." Haradion sneered as he recognized her. Eiliandel's face hardened but she didn't bother to answer his taunts, instead circling him carefully, obviously waiting. Haradion muttered and the entire building shook, throwing most off their feet. Eiliandel however, remained standing and responded by causing all that was in the room to be blown out, effectively clearing the floor and walls of anything he could throw at her.
  "Go get Arwen!" Legolas turned to the others, " I will stay here to assist her if need be. Meluiwen and Ciryawen, go with Elladan and Elrohir and clear the stronghold of any remaining guards!" he said as they heard the remnants of Haradion's forces rushing to their master's aid.

  Arwen was thrown to the floor as the stronghold shook, shattering the windows and hurling objects from their place. The shaking subsided only to be followed by an incredibly loud crashing sound. Arwen moved closer to the centre of her room, not knowing what would follow.

  Aragorn pulled Thurin along as he headed for the stairs, Legolas remaining near Eiliandel, Elrohir and Meluiwen running to one side of the stronghold to meet the other forces in battle while Elladan and Ciryawen challenged the forces on the other side. A huge tremor rocked the building as Haradion and Eiliandel began to test each other.
  "What are they doing?" Thurin gasped as they dodged a piece of falling masonry.
  "They're testing each other," Aragorn explained, having watched Eiliandel fight before, though it had only been in mock battles with her husband, "They're trying to get through the other's defense, once that happens, there is no telling what forces they will conjure." Aragorn had to shout the last part as a gust of wind literally roared past. They hurried up the stairs to Arwen's room, unsure of how long it was safe to remain near the duel of magic.
  "I'll stand guard! Get your wife!" Thurin volunteered as Aragorn began trying the door. Aragorn nodded and, unable to get the handle catch to release, simply kicked her door in. He saw the flash of her long hair before her beautiful face came into view, as she turned around, startled.
  "Estel?" she breathed, staring at him.
  "Arwen." he closed the gap, wrapping his arms around her, "Are you all right?" he asked once she was safely in his arms.
  Arwen never had a chance to reply, as a voice came behind them, "How touching," Thurin walked through the door, "It is a pity that your love for her blinded you." his voice sounded like ice shattering as he slammed the door shut, locking them together in the room.
  Aragorn tightened his grip on Arwen as he stared at the door, and then shook his head, "I'm sorry, meleth, I'm sorry," he whispered to her as the room shuddered as either Haradion or Eiliandel dealt a blow.

Random Fandom.

Xara: A band of evil ents have decided to use you as a football. Knowing that their physical force exceeds yours, you realize that you must use your powers of persuasion to stop them. What do you say to them?
Evenstar: I would explain to them that I needed to be the referee, not the ball.  See, an entish referee would take forever to make a call and by the time it was said and done the clock would have already run out.  Therefore, I should be the referee and make calls for them.  Besides...I'm sure that hobbits carry better in the air than elves anyway, we're too light.
Xara: A shonky real estate agent has sold your house to a balrog while you were away on holiday, and you arrive back to discover the beast in residence. What do you do?
Evenstar: Ask him if he would like any girl scout cookies, they're outside. Lol (you may not all know what girl scout cookies are, but they're irresistible)  or I would invite him to sit down for a cup of tea (in his case, a barrel)  and explain to him that he has been had.  The house was NOT for sale....however,  I would certainly be glad to have him for a guest until we can find a nice cavern or something.  He could stay in the basement and warm the whole house for me.
Xara: You awake in the night to hear strange noises in the kitchen and, after summoning up the courage, find Legolas riffling through your secret stash of chocolate! What do you do?
Evenstar: First, I would make him replace the missing chocolate.  Secondly, I would request he go after that darn real estate man.

Ask Samwise.

  Dear Samwise,
  I've been having a little trouble sleeping recently which is really no fun at all and I was wondering if you had any tips for me? You see, I go to bed, and sleep soundly for about five hours, but then I wake up and simply can't get off again. And then the same thing happens again the next night so instead of catching up on sleep I simply lose more. Can you help me?
  Dear Xara,
  (I'm trying to find Samwise; since chasing away the imposter, I have come to realize that the original is missing. See following column.) The greatest guaranteed cure for insomnia is required study. I would suggest brushing up on New Criticism, and the works of two who by their names were most certainly Moria Dwarves; Wimslatt and Beardsley (Misspelled? Me? Probably). Trust me, they've lulled me to sleep several times now.


WANTED: Big supply of Longbottom leaf. Please deliver to the Tower of Orthanc. Will be a big reward.
MISSING: Samwise! If anyone has knowledge of his whereabouts (yes, I mean you) please write to Perian@HotPOP.com a.s.a.p.

WANTED: Some random craziness to enter my life!  E-mail me! 

Descriptive Elements, Part XV. (Key: q.= Quenya, s. = Sindarin, where known.)
tin- (s.), tinta (q.): (verb) sparkle. Tintalle, indome, tindomerel, Tinuviel.
ur-: (verb) heat, be hot. Uruloki, Urime, Urui.
val, bal: (noun) power. Valar, Valacirya, Valaquenta, Valaraukar, Valimar, Valinor, Balan, Balrog.
wing: (noun) foam, spray. Elwing, Vingelot.
yave: (q., noun) fruit. Yavanna, Yavannie, yavie.

  Ringleaders Contest Update: I'm sure that you know the staff are still edging over random contributors... but guess what? Yes, as you regular readers already know, they've been somewhat absent of late! There's still time for you to catch up before the 2nd Anniversary Edition in mid-May. If I may send a wink and a nudge - Nienna, Matthias, Éo'star, Shelly and Sméagol, you're all within range to win, if you try!


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