Issues 50-74.


Issue 50:

Endings by Xara
What If Hobbits Had Pets? by Fan.
Fanfiction: The Controvercial Tribute by Perian.
Do You Believe in Miracles? by Padfoot.
The Legendary Legend of Gondolin by Xara.


Issue 51: Merry.

Mere Comic Relief? Ha! by Perian.
Merry: Spymaster Imposter? by Xara.
Did Merry Have Bugs Up His Pants? by Xara.


Issue 52:

Not So Epic Adventure by Frodo's Friend.
Character Rebellion by Frieda Belmonte.
Returning to Rivendell ... For the First Time by Perian.


Issue 53: School Daze.

Mordor - House of Pain by Xara.
English 227 by Perian.
Denethor's Demise - Madness or Exam Nerves? by Xara.
Vampires in the Corridors by Perian.



A Letter from Tari Rosemary Baggins.
Recollections of the Great War by Bandobras Took.
Does This Make Me Look FAT? by Sauron.
Memoirs of an Evil Creature by Nazgul #3.
Why I Stayed Behind by Celeborn.
The Fate of Undomiel: For Death Is Only Another Journey by Arwen Undomiel.


Issue 55:

Images by Xara.
Who Did Legolas Love? by Frodo's Friend.
Right of Passage by Perian.
Middle-Earthian Etiquette, Part I by Some Random Gondorian.
Plus: Ringbinder - Of Legolas and the Forest by Xara.


Issue 56:

"Yes, But Why?" by Xara.
Middle-earthian Etiquette, Part II by Some Random Gondorian.
Necromancy by Perian.


Issue 57:

Gimli's Decorating Tips by Gimli, Son of Gloín.
Beornings in Disguise: Forgotten Features of the Men of the Mark by Perian.
Hobbit to Human Years by Xara.
Middle-earthian Etiquette, Part III by Some Random Gondorian.


Issue 58:

Well Worth the Wait by Prongs.
King Lear - Steward of Gondor? by Xara.
Haunted by Perian.
Middle-earthian Etiquette, Part IV by Some Random Gondorian.


Issue 59:

Letter from the Editor.
Was the Fellowship Good? by Padfoot.
Corruption by Technology by Nienna.
Escapades of the Crazy Harry Potter Fans by Prongs.
A Tolkien Fan's Manifesto by Xara.


Issue 60: Poetry Unplanned.

The Hypothetical Armoury by Perian.
The Hair of a Hobbit by Xara.
Like Wildfire by VG.


Issue 61:

Frodo's Final Journey: Metaphor for Death? by Xara.


Issue 62:

A Few Very Brief Notices from Perian.
In Peter Jackson's Defense by Xara.
Éomer's Atonement by Perian.


Issue 63:

A LotR Halloween? by Cerridwen.
The Invasion of the Oversized Primordial Crickets by Perian.
Some Completely Unexpected Randomness by Xara.


Issue 64: Mistaken Identity.

Conflicting Ideals by Xara.
Angel's Secret Identity - Liv!?! by Angel.
Who Am I, Gamling? Personal Identity Issues of the Late Third Age by Perian.
Gnoldor by Perian.
Bi, Bi, Samwise by Xara.