Index of Issues 25-45:

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Issue 25: Writing and Rings.
Story-tellers by Xara.
A Tolkien Writer's Brand by Ivy.
Clichés Every Writer Should Know by Perian.
Romanticism in Lord of the Rings by Xara.
What Goes In... by Perian.

Issue 26:
Too Much To Be Coincidence by Ivy.
Samwise Gamgee: A Fourth Time Mayor by Prongs.
Gollum the Cat by Xara.
Waiting for Inspiration by Quickbeam.
Peter and the Incredible Expanding Hobbit by Perian.
The Search of the Ents is Over by Xara.

Issue 27:
The Non-Racism Rant by Xara.
Living in a Fantasy World by Perian.
Arwen Evenstar by Angel
Bring on the Orcs! by Prongs
Eomer the Heightist by Xara.
Nienor Niniel by Huan
Arwen...Eowyn...*rolls eyes*...Whatever! by Angel

Issue 28:
A Middle-earth News Crew by Ivy Brandybuck.
Spoiler Rants by Prongsie with the help of Robert Stames.
Frodo the Ringwraith by Xara.
The Relentless TM by Perian.
A Salute to Those Who Lived Out of Their Suitcases by Xara.

Double Issue

A Brief History of the Universe by Xara.
Staff Interviews:
Editorial Interview: Perian (conducted by Xara.)
Editorial Interview: Xara (conducted by Perian.)
Ladies and Gentlemen and Hobbits Alike: An Interview by Ivy (featuring Prongsie).
Ivy and Prongs' Interview by Prongsie.
An Afternoon With an i Nili Member by Prongsie (featuring Robert Stames).
In Retrospect. Introduction by Perian, plus:
Who Has the Ring? Interview With a Dark Lord and a Hobbit by Xara,
The First John Howe Interview by Perian,
and A Tribute to Our Contributors by Xara.

Issue 30:
Middle-Earth Rage: The Reason Behind the Wars by Xara.
Fantasy: An Escape or a Disgrace to Literature? by Ivy.
Trust You For That by Perian.
The Forbidden Love by Huan.
Another Chapter in the Saga That is The Lord of the Rings Comes to a Close by Prongs.
The Works of J.R.R. Tolkien by Xara.

Issue 31:
An Interview with Shawn Dunn by Pungolo.
Hero Resumes - Finding the Right Person for Battle by Xara.
A Happy Anniversary to All Things Lord of the Rings by Prongsie.
The Seat of the Steward by Perian.
Aragorn's Ancestors by Xara.

Issue 32: Fun and Games.
Emulators: Fan Personality Profiles by Perian.
Practical Jokes - No Go in Middle Earth by Xara.
Oh, To Chill Out and Have Fun by Prongsie.
Hobbits Know How to Party by Xara.

Issue 33:
If Hobbits Ruled the World... by Xara.
Disturbances in the Story by Perian.
Originality Impossible? by Xara.
Pain by Prongs.

Issue 34:
Not Worthy by Xara.
Mentality by Perian.
Bilbo Baggins and the Thirteen Dwarves by Xara.

Issue 35: Aragorn.
Aragorn: Friend or Deceiver? by Ivy.
The Real Elessar by Xara.
My Time With Aragorn by Prongs.
Aragorn - Frodo Fanatic? by Xara.
Dreamer by Perian.

Issue 36:
Tolkien's Descriptions by Xara.
Elves and Dwarves: A Brief History by Ivy.
So Ends the Battle of Pelennor by Perian.
Morgoth - Search for the Dark Lord by Xara.
Goodbye - A Word, But What A Hard Word To Say by Prongs.

Issue 37: The Annual Frodo Issue
The Many Sides of Frodo Baggins by Ivy.
Alliteration for Frodo Fans by Xara.
Frodo From Middle-earth, Meet Frodo From Planet Earth by Prongsie.
Frodo in the Middle by Xara.
The Sound of Silence by Perian.

Issue 38: The Creatures of Middle-Earth.
Magpie for Lunch by Xara.
The Joys of Experimentation by Prongsie.
Oh, Bugger! by Perian.
Those Things on the Elephants by Ivy.
An Unlikely Fan by Xara.

Issue 39:
Innocent Ringbearer or Bigamist? by Xara.
The History of the Present: The Baggins Triad by Perian with thanks to the alter-egos of Padfoot and Ivy.
What Is the Phial of Galadriel? by Ivy.
Deals in Middle-Earth by Prongsie.
Chronic Spontaneous Verse by Xara.
Perian's Personal Eight Wonders of the World by Eowyn Evenstar.

Issue 40: P.J.
Thank you Professor Tolkein and Director Jackson by Prongsie.
Oh My God, The Peter Jackson!?! by Xara.
An Open Letter To Peter Jackson by Perian.
Thank You Peter by Padfoot.
Heavenly Creatures by Xara.

Issue 41:
Inconvenient Inspiration by Xara.
It's All Perian's Fault by Lady Morrigan Shadow.
Frida Belmonte - The True Story by Perian.
Interview with an Artist by Xara.

Issue 42: Fandom
A Fan's Addiction by Ivy.
Faviour by Perian.
The Stereotype Strikes Again! by Xara.
A Huge LotR Fan in a Small Town by Padfoot.
The Joy of Screencapping by Xara.
After all, who can resist a Gamgee? (Part 1) by Prongs.

Issue 43:
After All Who Can Resist A Gamgee? (Part II) by Prongsie.
Elf Baiting - How to Get Your Dream Elf, the Simple Way! by Xara.
Newscasting Goes Tolkien by Perian.
Back it Up! - A Message to Writers by Xara.
Evil? By Padfoot.
Gandalf: Gift from the Valar? by Ivy.

Issue 44: Histories
Minas Tirith - An Ancient City of Iran? by Xara.
Rohirric Roots by Ivy.
Real Dwarf Make by Perian.
Complete History of Middle-Earth in 650 Words or Less by Padfoot.
Dragons - Real or Imagined? by Xara.

Issue 45: Women of Middle-earth
A Letter from the Editor by Perian
The Suffragettes: A Speculation by Xara.
MVL: Most Valuable Lady by Padfoot.
Women's Middle-earth by Ivy.
Why Are Women Assumed Helpless Until They Prove Otherwise? by Prongsie.
"My God! He's a She!" by Xara.

Issue 46:
Unity of Men by Padfoot.
In Middle-earth or Planet Earth, Some Things Will Never Change by Prongsie.
Beren - Damsel in Distress? by Xara.
The Numbers of the Nine by Perian.
How Old is Gandalf? by Xara.

Issue 47: Pippin
Ernil i Pheriannath! by Xara.
Objections! by Perian.
Mmmm... Mmmm Good by Padfoot.
Pippin - Princeling or Pilferer? by Xara.
The Many Sides of Peregrin Took by Ivy.
Little Hobbit in a Big City by Perian.

Issue 48:
The Lord of the Rings Exhibition by Xara.
Praise for the Mapless by Perian.
LotR Style Rooms by Padfoot.
Professor Tolkien the Talker by Perian.

Issue 49: Quirks of Character
Was Legolas Legless by Xara.
Thieves by Perian.
Saruman the Secret Smoker by Xara.